Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is one of the most exciting technologies of our age; forev- er changing how we communicate, how we share and how we interact with the world around us. AR has the potential to replace anything in your life with a screen, including your TV, and one day replace your smart phone. Pixelbird are specialists in Virtual and Augmented Reality applications for en- terprise, education and entertainment.

Virtual Reality

Pixelbird creates promising, new opportunities for businesses using virtual reality technology. We help innovative brands and technology com- panies engage their users in a completely new environment. We build virtual reality projects using powerful technologies that allow for creat- ing detailed 3D objects and environments. We work with all state-of-the-art virtual reality programming platforms.

User Experience Design

We design websites, applications, and digital products that build modern brands and form authentic relationships. Our UX approach is based on this principle: experiences that people enjoy form the strongest connections between a brand and its audience. Our process always starts with our user, and through strategic design we craft systems that surprise and delight while providing deeper rele- vance and greater value.

Brand Strategy & Identity

Your brand identity is the first touch point in the customer experience. It’s how your business wants to be perceived by your customer. The components of your brand (name, logo, tone, tag line and even typeface!) reflect who you are and why customers should do business with you. As an agency, everything we do is focused on helping brands simplify and clarify who they are and what they stand for

Web Development

Our web design and development team are highly focused and offers the best design services. We see each project as an opportunity to enhance the possibili- ties of your business and that of the in- ternet as a whole. We have an expert team of web designers who create inspir- ing and brand-focused design solutions and provides the best web design servic- es to our clients.

Mobile App Development

In this dynamic modern world, no one can imagine a business without proper high-end mobile solutions. With massive knowledge and expertise gained through years of experience, our Mobile Application development team is always ready to take a step beyond your expec- tations.

Featured Project

Virtual product

Experience a product's design and operation before completion
through Augmented Reality/Virual Reality. We have
reconsidered the way your products are displayed to the
targeted audience giving them the most innovative and digital

Make it yours, Hassle-free

Own the Application with your Logo, Customize Look & Feel
Upload and manage unlimited products & images
Category based Product listing
Product drawing and detailed information
Product Experience with Image, 3D, AR, VR, Video